The Space of Difference

The Space of Difference

Surrey, British Columbia

An Operative Agency project with Steve DiPasquale


The Space of Difference is a public art proposal for the Surrey Art Gallery’s Urban Screen project which features video and interactive pieces projected on a 100′ wide building façade. The project arranges an aleatoric cycle of confrontations between past and present artifacts, excavated from archival research of the subjugated histories of the site, as well as a deep interest in the contemporary ontology of the Community Centre as a thriving biological system. Using the precedents of rollage art and rotating billboards, a series of allelic combinations are formed through the collision of past and present: embedded in the liminal space of their coupling is the potential for something else to be disclosed, a third and uncertain meaning that asks questions about what the future of this site may be. Drawing upon the consistent, rhythmic energies of the SkyTrain that runs adjacent to the site, the artwork responds directly to the motion of the train cars. Passengers are asked to construct the third meaning and are invited into the creation process of new narratives for both the site and Surrey as a whole.

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The Space of Difference The Space of Difference The Space of Difference